Forest Drapery Systems

Forest Drapery Hardware Systems are being distributed, marketed and installed globally in some 70 countries.

The sole distributor in Australia is Forest Drapery Hardware Pty Ltd.

The slogan "The World Behind Your Curtains" is currently being used by Forest Drapery to enforce the idea that there is much more to curtains than just the drapery material.

Forest Drapery provides exceptional service with ongoing sales support and technical backup.

This attention to detail is one of the many reasons that you will find Forest systems installed in leading hotels from the Marriot and Sheraton groups and aboard the Queen Mary II.

The Forest Drapery Hardware Systems are extremely versatile and able to accomodate all existing pleat systems. All systems can be curved and reverse curved by on-site bending, hand or cord traversed (separate cord-channels) and wall or ceiling mounted using universal brackets featuring the patented "Smart Klick" attachment.

The patented "Klick-on" carriers are especially designed to assure smooth and easy opening/closing of the curtains. Over the years people develop a passion, a passion for the things that you and we do, and the passion makes the difference.

The Forest motorised curtain tracks and rods can be operated by wall mounted switches, timer controls, remote control and are compatible with home automation systems.