Ripple 100 Heading System

    • Ripple 100 is a simple but elegant heading comprising of a unique look and tape system.
    • The gliders / runners are spaced 6cm apart, held by a nylon cord. The unique slimline shape of the runner also allows for a tighter stacking.
    • The Tape is stiff, transparent and 77mm wide which allows for a consistant Ripple shape throughout the Curtain giving it a very uniform look.
    • The pockets on the tape are exactly 1cm wide, which makes it easier to calculate and every tenth pocket/cm is marked which enables quicker attachment of hooks without counting the pockets and thereby quicker and easier to install.
    • The Ripple 100 system is available in 2x Fullness.
    • Suitable for light - medium weight fabrics.
    • The system is available in Hand, Cord, or Motorised Operations.