FES Forest Easyfold System

An additional feature for the existing drapery hardware of Forest Group.

                     PRODUCT INFORMATION

  • Gentle, continuous fold drapery from beginning to end of track.

  • Possible with hand draw, cord draw or motorisation.

  • Fully variable for various fullness and space requirements.

  • Easy to take down and re-hang.

  • When ironed, the curtains will easily fall into folds again.

  • Stack-back takes less width than conventionally pleated drapes.

  • Quick curtain snap on and snap off thanks to detachable Easysnap carriers

  • System: KS®, CKS®, DS®, CS®, CCS®, CRS®, Forest Shuttle®, CRS Corded®, FMS®.

  • Carriers supplied to handle Flick-sticks.



   Hotels - Motels - Residences - Hospitals - Restaurants or at any location where a continuous,     gentle fold drapery is requested.