MTS Medical Track System

Elegant and functional system for all kinds of medical facilities and sanitary rooms


  • Elegant and functional Medical Track System.

  • Simple and quick installation.

  • Bendable, both with an inside and outside bend with a 20 cm radius.

  • Dustproof synthetic insert strip available.

  • Colour: White.

  • Custom made to your requirements

  • Rail quality: aluminium, chromated, powder coated.

  • Factory applied patented dry lubricant.



  • Aluminum Extrusion

  • Weight: 500 grams per metre


  Healthcare sector and sanitary rooms, or at any other location where a high quality, elegant and manually operated     medical track system is required.



   The track can be curved and reversed curved in a 20 cm radius. Continuous curving is also available by special order from factory only.