CKS Corded Klick System

Highly efficient cord traversing system with separate internal cord channels; preventing cord sag and eliminating cord tangle.


  • Highly efficient cord traversing system with separate internal cord channels;
    preventing cord sag and eliminating cord tangle. 

  • Quick installation with “Smart Klick” brackets for wall and ceiling applications.

  • Bendable; it can be bent and reverse bent by using a 10 cm radius
    or continuously curved.

  • Heavy duty clickable carriers -UV protected - for smooth and easy traversing.
    Offset shape for straight hanging pleats.

  • Can also be used for Easyflex / Easysnap drapery systems.

  • Maximum fabric weight: ± 6 kg per metre.

  • Colours available: White, Silver and Black

  • Custom made to your requirements with max length of 5 metres

  • Track finish: chromated powder coated with a factory applied patented dry lubricant.

  • Limited lifetime warranty.



  • Aluminium Extrusion

  • Weight: 202 grams per metre

  • Dimensions: 20 mm x 14 mm


   Hotels - offices - residences - boats - campers - planes or any location where an efficient cord traversing system is required.