FMS Plus Recessed Motorised Track


Smooth and noiseless belt driven motorised curtain track system recessed into the ceiling for minimalist clean lines.


Instead of a regular ceiling fix or wall fix installation of the FMS track system, Forest Group also offers a solution for a recess fixed motorised curtain track. The FMS Plus® system is ideal for a clean, concealed curtain track installation. The recess profile can be fitted during the construction of the ceiling, the FMS Plus® motorised track can then be fitted once all the finishing works have been completed. The motor can be placed in a regular position, or inverted into the ceiling. The system can be fitted with regular FMS carriers, Ripple 100 or the Easysnap System.



See Forest Shuttle feature information.


A unique feature about this system is that it can be bent, at a radius of just 20 cm. To facilitate this, special 90 degree corner pieces of the recess profile itself are available. 
It is also possible to fix the Forest MTS® Medical Track System into the recess profile, therewith creating a manual recess curtain track. More information on the FMS Plus® system is available in the Forest Shuttle® brochure.