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Busche has been manufacturing decorative drapery hardware since 1872, and still to this day manufacture in Germany.

Supplying the window covering industry with high quality innovative products is part of their tradition.

They fabricate decorative curtain hardware for windows and many supporting accessories in stainless steel, aluminium, brass, wrought iron and wood in a number of colours and finishes using Computer Numerically Controlled milling machines and robotics to create superbly finished products.

The ongoing quest for unique products has driven Busche to take new and unconventional ways to satisfy the end user and designer.

As a result, Forest Drapery Hardware Pty Ltd is able to provide an uncompromising combination of excellent quality and innovative design.

Busche decorative hardware is available now through Forest Drapery Hardware Pty Ltd your exclusive Australian supplier.


Click on the brochures below to view products available.

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