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CRS Corded System

Elegant and reliable, cord operated, channel rod system


                       PRODUCT INFORMATION

  • Elegant and reliable channel rod system

  • Easy and quick to assemble

  • Available colours: White, Satin, Antique Bronze, Black Anthracite

  • CRS and MRS components can be used as well

  • Both short and long pulley end caps are available

  • Decorative finials can be fitted on the long pulley end caps

  • Custom made to your requirements

  • Rail quality: aluminium, chromated, with an anodized finish or chrome layer finish

CRS Corded.png


  • Weight: 460 grams per metre

  • Aluminium extrusion

  • Dimension: 28 mm


   Domestic and / or contract market, or at any location where a high quality, elegant and corded   operated     channel rod system is required.



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