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Forest Motorised System -  Shuttle Motor

Smooth and noiseless belt driven motorised curtain track system

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                           THE FOREST SHUTTLE

The Forest Shuttle motorised system is available in two types:

Shuttle M for Heavy fabrics and the Shuttle L for Light weight Fabrics and short tracks.

Both motors offer these functions: 

  • Touch lmpulse Technology, gently pulling the curtain by hand will activate the motor;

  • Integrated Emergency Control with automatic de­clutch in case of power failure, to ensure manual operation of the curtains;

  • Modular motor, different modules can be attached for various control options: Radio Frequency, Wall Switch, lnfrared, Domotics, Building/Hotel Automa­tion, Serial Communication, Z-wave, etc.;

  • Ultra Silent motor;

  • Slow start and slow stop;

  • Full automatic setting of the limits;

  • Bending to a minimum radius of 200 mm and curving to a minimum of 500 mm;

  • Programming of intermediate positions possible;

  • Touch lmpulse Sensitivity adjustable; high sensitivity, low sensitivity, and off;

  • Stack-back position programmable to every desired setting;

  • FMS track and components available in white and black;

  • FES Easysnap, Ripple 100 (EasyFlex)and Standard Carriers available;

  • Kevlar based drive belt;

  • All KS brackets applicable;

  • Motors can also be used on MRS Motorised Rod System;

  • Tandem motor application possible as well.

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                          THE FOREST SHUTTLE® 'L'


This curtain motor has an integrated power adaptor and only needs a mains cable. Furthermore, the RF multi receiver is integrated in the motor itself. In addition to this, the motor speed can be increased by up to 20%, allowing for speeds of up to 18 cm per second. Finally, the motor is able to carry curtain weights of up to 40 kg.


                        THE FOREST SHUTTLE® 'M'


This curtain motor has a small external power adaptor. The motor is able to carry curtain weights of up to 70 kg.

The track profile only measures 20mm x 20mm; the smallest track profile on the market.




Building automation

Designed for use in any building automation system through the integrated dry contact port in the motor. 230V direct control is possible with the optional Dry Contact Relay. The BUS ports allow for individual and group controls of the motors.

Touch Impulse technology

A gentle pull will activate the curtain thanks to the smart Touch Impulse Technology of the motor. Standard feature.

Integrated emergency control

In case of power failure, the curtain can still be moved manually. Standard feature.

Diamond  Sense remote control

Available in white and black, can be used to control all Forest motorized window decoration systems. With 6 individually channels or in 1 group.

Z-Wave domotica control

Wireless Domotics communication with data feedback and automatic routing in a mesh-network environment ,open protocol with “Scene Control”. 


The motor can be used in a track with one or two bends of 90 degrees. The track can be bent and reversed bent with a radius of 20 cm. Continuous curving can be done with the electric powered curver.


More information is available on request.

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